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Crtani (animacije)

  • 1:21:00 Popularni Pocahontas (1995)

    Pocahontas (1995)

    by Milica 840 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    An English soldier and the daughter of an Algonquin chief share a romance when English colonists invade seventeenth-century Virginia.

  • 1:15:00 Popularni Piglet's Big Movie (2003)

    Piglet's Big Movie (2003)

    by Marko 259 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    When Piglet comes up missing his Hundred Acre Wood friends use Piglet's own Book of Memories to find him, discovering along the way just how big a role he's played in their lives.

  • Popularni Rugrats Go Wild (2003)

    Rugrats Go Wild (2003)

    by Marko 475 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    The Rugrats get tangled in an exotic adventure, where they're helped by the Thornberrys, a family that travels the world making nature documentaries.

  • 1:12:00 Popularni Kronk's New Groove (2005)

    Kronk's New Groove (2005)

    by Milica 861 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    Kronk cooks up a get-rich-quick scheme to impress his Dad, whom he can never please. But when things go wrong, Kronk kicks into comical gear and discovers the true riches in life are his friends and being "true to your groove."

  • 1:18:00 Popularni The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

    The Emperor's New Groove (2000)

    by Milica 1,063 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    Emperor Kuzco is turned into a llama by his ex-administrator Yzma, and must now regain his throne with the help of Pacha, the gentle llama herder.

  • 1:22:00 Popularni Snowtime! (2015)

    Snowtime! (2015)

    by Amel31 1,238 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    When winter break arrives, a boy and his friends are joined by the new girl in town for a prolonged snowball fight.

  • 1:48:00 Popularni Zootopia (2016)

    Zootopia (2016)

    by Amel31 4,177 Pregleda / 12 Likes

    In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a rookie bunny cop and a cynical con artist fox must work together to uncover a conspiracy.

  • Popularni Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

    Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003)

    by Marko 1,564 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    The Looney Tunes search for a man's missing father and the mythical Blue Monkey diamond.

  • 17:00 Popularni World of Tomorrow (2015)

    World of Tomorrow (2015)

    by Bakir 2,281 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    A little girl is taken on a mind-bending tour of her distant future.

  • 1:18:00 Popularni Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)

    Justice League vs. Teen Titans (2016)

    by Amel31 1,723 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    Robin is sent to work with the Teen Titans after his volatile behavior botches up a Justice League mission. The Titans must then step up to face Trigon after he possesses the League and threatens to conquer the world.

  • 1:26:00 Popularni Mune: Guardian of the Moon (2014)

    Mune: Guardian of the Moon (2014)

    by Bakir 1,083 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    When a faun named Mune becomes the Guardian of the Moon, little did he had unprepared experience with...

  • Popularni Brother Bear 2 (2006)

    Brother Bear 2 (2006)

    by Marko 1,929 Pregleda / 3 Likes

    An old female friend of Kenai needs his help on a quest, much to Koda's growing consternation.