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  • 2:00:00 Popularni Argo (2012)

    Argo (2012)

    by Dejan Cesid Dimitrijevic 114.6k Pregleda / 24 Likes

    Acting under the cover of a Hollywood producer scouting a location for a science fiction film, a CIA agent launches a dangerous operation to rescue six Americans in Tehran during the U.S. hostage crisis in Iran in 1980.

  • Popularni Love Ranch (2010)

    Love Ranch (2010)

    by Amel31 5,605 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    A drama centered around a married couple who opened the first legal brothel in Nevada.

  • 1:46:00 Popularni Contagion (2011) / Zaraza

    Contagion (2011) / Zaraza

    by Amel31 17.2k Pregleda / 17 Likes

    Healthcare professionals, government officials and everyday people find themselves in the midst of a worldwide epidemic as the CDC works to find a cure.

  • 1:23:00 Popularni Get a Job (2016)

    Get a Job (2016)

    by Bakir 6,223 Pregleda / 14 Likes

    Life after college graduation is not exactly going as planned for Will and Jillian who find themselves lost in a sea of increasingly strange jobs. But with help from their family, friends and coworkers they soon discover that the most important (and hilar

  • 1:58:00 Popularni Total Recall (2012) / Totalni opoziv

    Total Recall (2012) / Totalni opoziv

    by Dejan Cesid Dimitrijevic 21.5k Pregleda / 7 Likes

    A factory worker, Douglas Quaid, begins to suspect that he is a spy after visiting Rekall - a company that provides its clients with implanted fake memories of a life they would like to have led - goes wrong and he finds himself on the run.

  • 2:03:00 Popularni Godzilla (2014)

    Godzilla (2014)

    by Amel31 18k Pregleda / 10 Likes

    The world's most famous monster is pitted against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity's scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.

  • 1:35:00 Popularni Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

    Kung Fu Panda 3 (2016)

    by DuVe 7,492 Pregleda / 27 Likes

    Continuing his "legendary adventures of awesomeness", Po must face two hugely epic, but different threats: one supernatural and the other a little closer to his home.

  • 02:00 Popularni Trumbo (2015)

    Trumbo (2015)

    by Amel31 2,636 Pregleda / 4 Likes


  • 1:40:00 Popularni Drive (2011) / Vožnja

    Drive (2011) / Vožnja

    by Dejan Cesid Dimitrijevic 12.5k Pregleda / 1 Likes

    A mysterious Hollywood stuntman, mechanic and getaway driver lands himself in trouble when he helps out his neighbor.