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Rezultati Pretrage: "Colin Firth"

  • 1:45:00 Popularni What a Girl Wants (2003) / Sve što djevojka može poželjeti

    What a Girl Wants (2003) / Sve što djevojka može poželjeti

    by Benjamin Kupinic 20.5k Pregleda / 33 Likes

    An American teenager learns that her father is a wealthy British politician running for office. Although she is eager to find him, she realizes it could cause a scandal and cost him the election.

  • 1:37:00 Popularni Bridget Joness Diary (2001) / Dnevnik Bridžit Džons

    Bridget Joness Diary (2001) / Dnevnik Bridžit Džons

    by Dejan 22.1k Pregleda / 26 Likes

    A British woman is determined to improve herself while she looks for love in a year in which she keeps a personal diary.

  • 1:40:00 Popularni Then She Found Me (2007)

    Then She Found Me (2007)

    by Amel31 5,597 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    39-year-old April Epner's childish husband and school teacher colleague Benjamin/Ben leaves her, but with her biological clock ticking ever more loudly. Her dying bossy adoptive mother is ...

  • 1:30:00 Popularni The Accidental Husband (2008) / Slučajni suprug

    The Accidental Husband (2008) / Slučajni suprug

    by Amel31 13.7k Pregleda / 7 Likes

    When talk radio host Emma Lloyd advises one of her listeners to break up with her boyfriend, the jilted ex sets about getting his revenge.

  • 1:32:00 Popularni Before I Go to Sleep (2014)

    Before I Go to Sleep (2014)

    by Amel31 7,438 Pregleda / 9 Likes

    A woman wakes up every day, remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her.

  • 1:42:00 Popularni The Last Legion (2007) / Posljednja legija

    The Last Legion (2007) / Posljednja legija

    by Alma 18.1k Pregleda / 18 Likes

    As the Roman empire crumbles, young Romulus Augustus flees the city and embarks on a perilous voyage to Britain to track down a legion of supporters.

  • 1:56:00 Popularni The Railway Man (2013)

    The Railway Man (2013)

    by Dejan 6,292 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    A former British Army officer, who was tormented as a prisoner of war at a Japanese labor camp during World War II, discovers that the man responsible for much of his treatment is still alive and sets out to confront him.

  • 1:37:00 Popularni Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

    Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

    by Amel31 4,771 Pregleda / 3 Likes

    A romantic comedy about an Englishman brought in to help unmask a possible swindle. Personal and professional complications ensue.

  • 1:32:00 Popularni When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)

    When Did You Last See Your Father? (2007)

    by Amel31 3,973 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    The story of a son's conflicting memories of his dying father.

  • 1:32:00 Popularni Main Street (2010)

    Main Street (2010)

    by Amel31 2,057 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    Several residents of a small Southern city whose lives are changed by the arrival of a stranger with a controversial plan to save their decaying hometown. In the midst of today's ...

  • 1:54:00 Popularni Devil's Knot (2013)

    Devil's Knot (2013)

    by Amel31 6,686 Pregleda / 5 Likes

    The savage murders of three young children sparks a controversial trial of three teenagers accused of killing the kids as part of a satanic ritual.

  • 1:58:00 Popularni The King's Speech (2010)

    The King's Speech (2010)

    by Amel31 5,175 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    The story of King George VI of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, his impromptu ascension to the throne and the speech therapist who helped the unsure monarch become worthy of it.