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Rezultati Pretrage: "Latin"

  • 3:22:00 Popularni The Godfather: Part II (1974) / Kum II

    The Godfather: Part II (1974) / Kum II

    by Alma 11.7k Pregleda / 16 Likes

    The early life and career of Vito Corleone in 1920s New York is portrayed while his son, Michael, expands and tightens his grip on his crime syndicate stretching from Lake Tahoe, Nevada to pre-revolution 1958 Cuba.

  • 2:02:00 Popularni The Exorcist (1973) / Istjerivač đavola

    The Exorcist (1973) / Istjerivač đavola

    by Benjamin Kupinic 8,481 Pregleda / 9 Likes

    When a teenage girl is possessed by a mysterious entity, her mother seeks the help of two priests to save her daughter.

  • 2:11:00 Popularni Van Helsing (2004)

    Van Helsing (2004)

    by Aldin 19.5k Pregleda / 30 Likes

    The notorious monster hunter is sent to Transylvania to stop Count Dracula who is using Dr. Frankenstein's research and a werewolf for some sinister purpose.

  • 2:29:00 Popularni The Da Vinci Code (2006) / Da Vincijev kod

    The Da Vinci Code (2006) / Da Vincijev kod

    by Benjamin Kupinic 21.6k Pregleda / 24 Likes

    A murder inside the Louvre and clues in Da Vinci paintings lead to the discovery of a religious mystery protected by a secret society for two thousand years -- which could shake the foundations of Christianity.

  • 2:18:00 Popularni Angels & Demons (2009)

    Angels & Demons (2009)

    by Dejan Cesid Dimitrijevic 19.7k Pregleda / 19 Likes

    Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon works to solve a murder and prevent a terrorist act against the Vatican.

  • 1:29:00 Popularni The Big Wedding (2013) / Vjenčanje godine

    The Big Wedding (2013) / Vjenčanje godine

    by Amel31 23.1k Pregleda / 5 Likes

    A long-divorced couple fakes being married as their family unites for a wedding.

  • 2:55:00 Popularni The Godfather (1972) / Kum

    The Godfather (1972) / Kum

    by Zeljko 14.9k Pregleda / 11 Likes

    The aging patriarch of an organized crime dynasty transfers control of his clandestine empire to his reluctant son.

  • 1:32:00 Popularni History of the World: Part I (1981)

    History of the World: Part I (1981)

    by Dejan Cesid Dimitrijevic 23.2k Pregleda / 16 Likes

    Mel Brooks brings his one-of-a-kind comic touch to the history of mankind covering events from the Old Testament to the French Revolution in a series of episodic comedy vignettes.

  • 1:51:00 Popularni The Bank Job (2008)

    The Bank Job (2008)

    by Marko 20k Pregleda / 15 Likes

    Martine offers Terry a lead on a foolproof bank hit on London's Baker Street. She targets a roomful of safe deposit boxes worth millions in cash and jewelry. But Terry and his crew don't realize the boxes also contain a treasure trove of dirty secrets - s

  • 02:00 Popularni The Godfather: Part III (1990) / Kum 3

    The Godfather: Part III (1990) / Kum 3

    by Milos Vučić 13k Pregleda / 15 Likes


  • 1:54:00 Popularni The Rite (2011) / Obred

    The Rite (2011) / Obred

    by Marko 19.3k Pregleda / 20 Likes

    An American seminary student travels to Italy to take an exorcism course.

  • 1:31:00 Popularni Rush Hour 3 (2007)

    Rush Hour 3 (2007)

    by Marko 30.6k Pregleda / 22 Likes

    After an attempted assassination on Ambassador Han, Lee and Carter head to Paris to protect a French woman with knowledge of the Triads' secret leaders.