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  • 3:22:00 Popularni The Godfather: Part II (1974) / Kum II

    The Godfather: Part II (1974) / Kum II

    by Alma 11.6k Pregleda / 16 Likes

    The early life and career of Vito Corleone in 1920s New York is portrayed while his son, Michael, expands and tightens his grip on his crime syndicate stretching from Lake Tahoe, Nevada to pre-revolution 1958 Cuba.

  • 1:29:00 Popularni The Big Wedding (2013) / Vjenčanje godine

    The Big Wedding (2013) / Vjenčanje godine

    by Amel31 22.9k Pregleda / 4 Likes

    A long-divorced couple fakes being married as their family unites for a wedding.

  • Popularni Everybody's Fine (2009) / Svi smo Super

    Everybody's Fine (2009) / Svi smo Super

    by Benjamin Kupinic 3,944 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    A widower who realized his only connection to his family was through his wife sets off on an impromptu road trip to reunite with each of his grown children.

  • 1:53:00 Popularni Red Lights (2012) / Crvena Svetla

    Red Lights (2012) / Crvena Svetla

    by Aleksandar 8,859 Pregleda / 1 Likes

    Psychologist Margaret Matheson and her assistant study paranormal activity, which leads them to investigate a world-renowned psychic who has resurfaced years after his toughest critic mysteriously passed away.

  • 1:31:00 Popularni Killing Season (2013)

    Killing Season (2013)

    by Ernest 30k Pregleda / 1 Likes

    Two veterans of the Bosnian War - one American, one Serbian - find their unlikely friendship tested when one of them reveals their true intentions.

  • 1:45:00 Popularni Limitless (2011)

    Limitless (2011)

    by Benjamin Kupinic 20.8k Pregleda / 10 Likes

    With the help of a mysterious pill that enables the user to access 100 percent of his brain abilities, a struggling writer becomes a financial wizard, but it also puts him in a new world with lots of dangers.

  • 1:38:00 Popularni Little Fockers (2010) / Dozvola za male Fockere

    Little Fockers (2010) / Dozvola za male Fockere

    by Alma 10.1k Pregleda / 5 Likes

    Family-patriarch Jack Byrnes wants to appoint a successor. Does his son-in-law, the male nurse Greg Focker have what it takes?

  • 1:44:00 Popularni What Just Happened (2008)

    What Just Happened (2008)

    by Amel31 6,414 Pregleda / 2 Likes

    Two weeks in the life of a fading Hollywood producer who's having a rough time trying to get his new picture made.

  • 1:55:00 Popularni Meet the Fockers (2004) / Dozvola za Fockere

    Meet the Fockers (2004) / Dozvola za Fockere

    by Alma 8,444 Pregleda / 5 Likes

    All hell breaks loose when the Byrnes family meets the Focker family for the first time.

  • 1:43:00 Popularni Analyze This (1999)

    Analyze This (1999)

    by Marko 21.5k Pregleda / 4 Likes

    A comedy about a psychiatrist whose number one-patient is an insecure mob boss.

  • 2:27:00 Popularni Sleepers (1996) / Spavači

    Sleepers (1996) / Spavači

    by Ramona Ćulum 7,812 Pregleda / 7 Likes

    After a prank goes disastrously wrong, a group of boys are sent to a detention center where they are brutalized; over 10 years later, they get their chance for revenge.

  • 1:45:00 Popularni Stone (2010)

    Stone (2010)

    by Marko 5,414 Pregleda / 0 Likes

    A convicted arsonist looks to manipulate a parole officer into a plan to secure his parole by placing his beautiful wife in the lawman's path.